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Final Fantasy XV

We’ve all been there – we start exploring a new game because of its hype and popular recommendation, and we end up getting hooked.

If Final Fantasy XV is not a game to get addicted to, we don’t know what it is. From the main 40-hour role-play gaming chapter to the several minigames, Final Fantasy is a truly fantastic game.

One of the most exciting minigames in Final Fantasy XV is the fishing game. While it seems easy on the surface, you will need a lot of practice and the best gear to win the game.

From rods to reels, you will need to find the best tools. In this article, let us discuss the several tools along with discovering ff15 best fishing line.

Final Fantasy XV – Fishing Minigame

Before we proceed to understand the different ffxv best fishing line necessities, let us understand what the game itself is.

Since you’ve landed on this article, you must have a decent understanding of the overall Final Fantasy XV gameplay. However, you must have questions about the fishing minigame.

What is it?

The fishing minigame is a part of the Final Fantasy XV gameplay. The aim of the game is to gather as many food ingredients as possible through fishes.

These ingredients are collected to cook food in several campsites. However, you have to be strategic about the fishes you catch since most prize fishes cannot be eaten but carry gameplay awards.

With the help of different lures, rods, and fishing lines, the players can catch numerous fish. The fish vary in size and variety and carry different gameplay benefits.

Even though catching fish is optional gameplay in the overall game, it is sure to get you hooked for several reasons:

  • Catching fish in itself is very exciting with the wonderful animation and storyline.
  • With every new variety of fish you catch, you unlock new recipes, enhancing your gameplay experience.
  • The fishing pastime itself requires expert skill and particle and is very awarding.
  • You can maintain a collection of the several fish you’ve caught.
  • Fishing allows you to participate in certain quests necessary for the entire minigame.
  • The number of tools and gear you can collect or buy allows you to explore the game further.

What Is the Various Gear Involved in the Fishing Minigame?

Just like real-life fishing, you will have a lot of things, tools, techniques, and gear to explore in this virtual fishing game.

Just like real-life fishing, the gear you possess makes a huge difference in the quality of your experience.

While playing the fishing minigame in Final Fantasy XV, you will need at least one usable form of the following gear:

  • Fishing RodThe fishing rod holds all the equipment together while determining your pole’s defense. The stronger the defense, the better the durability while catching a fighting fish.
  • Fishing ReelThe fishing reel is the component that allows you to cast the line and lure into the water to catch a fish. The better the reel, the better the attack will be. The better the attack, the faster you will be able to catch ad reel in the fish.
  • Lurethe lure you use determines the kind of fish you can catch. Each lure has a listed species of fishes that will be attracted to it and will bite on it, allowing you to reel them in. However, sometimes some unlisted fish can also bite on the lure, giving you a surprise catch.
  • LineThe least number of options you have in the gameplay is for lines. They are incredibly overlooked in the game. However, as every angler will know, the line determines your pole’s durability. If the line is not durable, you will not be able to reel in the fish you desire, no matter the quality of your rod, reel, and lure.

Each gear unit has a different and crucial role to play. Even though Lures are given a lot of importance in the overall gameplay, the line you use influences your performance exponentially as well.

Therefore, using ffxv best finish line is of utmost importance to enhance your gaming experience.

The Best Fishing Line in Final Fantasy XV

Before we determine the ff15 best fishing line, let us see what all options we have:

  • Spider Silk – 1000 durability
  • Super Baleen – 1500 durability
  • Dragon’s Beard – 2000 durability

Since the only determiner of choosing the ffxv best fishing line is the line durability, the winner is clear.

The best fishing line in Final Fantasy XV is the Dragon’s Beard fishing line.

Not only is the line exceptionally durable, but it also allows you some of the most exciting experiences of the game.

Dragon’s Beard – FF15 Best Fishing File

The sole purpose of a dishing line is to increase the durability of the pole.

At 100% durability, the Dragon’s beard fishing line is the best in its category for the extensive durability it has.


Dragon’s Beard is the only line that can help you catch even the biggest of fish, such as the Opal Snakehead, Risorath Peacock Bass, and the Regal Arapaima.

Even though these fish are rare and have the highest stamina possible, with the right technique, the Dragon’s Beard line can help you catch them.

The other two lines do not stand a change in front of these ferocious fish.


One of the biggest reasons why Dragon’s Beard is the ff15 best fishing line is because it is extremely strong.

The line is made with strength and durability in mind. Its strength is unsurpassed since it has the ability to even snag a dragon at ease.


Considering the line’s quality, the Dragon’s Beard fishing line is not the most difficult to obtain.

However, the high selling price makes the line even more desirable. You can obtain this line for 500 Gil while you can sell it for 1950 Gil.

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How to Obtain the Dragon’s Beard Fishing Line

You can buy Dragon’s Beard fishing line from the shop south of Vesperpool. You can also find other gear and lures that will help you bag the rarest and strongest prized fish in the game.

The line itself is a rare find. The reason why it might to difficult to track is because the only monster who drops this line is Jormungand at either Crestholm Channels or the Costlemark Tower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Fantasy XV is a very extensive game. Therefore, it is only natural for you to have several questions regarding the different equipment required and the ff15 best fishing line.

Below, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet regarding the game at hand. We hope you find some more clarity in this section.

✅ How Many Fishing Skill Levels are Present in the Fishing Minigame?

One of the most interesting things about the fishing minigame is the fact that it allows you to hone your skills up to 10 levels. Each level has a different thing to offer:

  • Level 1 - Offers to allow you to catch fish.
  • Level 2 - The durability drops to 25% while the fish struggles on the line.
  • Level 3 - You get a 10% discount on all items.
  • Level 4 - Increases fish hooking chances by 25%.
  • Level 5 - offers you the ability to catch bigger fish.
  • Level 6 - You get a 30% discount on all fishing items.
  • Level 7 - The durability drops to 25% while the fish struggles on the line.
  • Level 8 - Increases fish hooking chances by 50%.
  • Level 9 - You get a 50% discount on all fishing items.
  • Level 10 - offers you the ability to catch even bigger fish.

✅ How Often Should I Change My Line?

The frequency at which you’d like to change your fishing line is your call. However, every time you feel the durability dropping, it is best to swift to a higher quality line. In case you are using Dragon’s Beard, the ff15 best fishing line, it is always wise to change it every now and then.

✅ How Do I Buy Fishing Lines in Final Fantasy XV?

You can buy different lines and lures from the various fishing shops available near the camps and water bodies. The different shops are:

  • Bert’s Bobbers ‘n’ Stuff
  • Tabby’s Tackle Shack
  • Bob’s bait Emporium

Final Word

No matter how short a duration you plan to play Final Fantasy XV and its minigames, it is one of those games that will reel you in.

Once you find yourself fishing for big game in the fishing minigame, you will be tempted to get hold of the Dragon’s Beard fishing line, allowing you to catch some of the biggest and most ferocious and rare fish in the game.

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