How to Repair a Fishing Rod in Minecraft (Updated – 2021)

Minecraft is getting really popular these days. When players have a number of different things to do thanks to the numerous and frequent updates, who could get bored? In this article, we will discuss the specifications of the items you see in the game while you are playing.

How to Repair a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

The fishing rod is an amazing and pretty useful tool for players as it not only serves as a fishing tool but also works as a hook for mobs and other items in the game. You can also use it as a fuel and an activation tool.

Sounds pretty useful, but the main problem is the durability of the rod. Reeling items using a fishing rod costs you the durability and so the rod won’t last for much longer.

You can always repair the rod using an enchantment or merging it with another rod. Let’s look for the details about how to repair a fishing rod in Minecraft.

Why Do Fishing Rods Break?

Fishing rods have a durability that lasts for a limited amount of time. Each rod only has 64 units of durability and the rod breaks once it runs out of units.

You can repair a fishing rod in Minecraft when it breaks using different methods, but remember that it requires experience to do so. Let’s explore how to repair a fishing rod in Minecraft using enchantments and other methods.

How to Repair a Fishing Rod in Minecraft?

You can repair a fishing rod using a Mending or Unbreaking enchantment on it. You can also merge it with a new rod to increase its durability or craft a brand new rod instead.

  • Merge the Broken Rod

You can merge two damaged rods together to increase their durability. The durability of both rods will add up and 5% will be added as a bonus to it. You will have a new rod with improved durability.

If you have new rods in the inventory that you crafted or obtained in the treasures, you can also use them to merge the broken rod. The durability of the new one will add to your damaged rod but it will lose the enchantments it previously had.

To keep the enchantments of your rod intact, you can use an anvil. It costs experience, which will keep getting high with the times you use it so it is easier for the old players.

Newbies can only use an anvil for a limited time because the experience cost will keep increasing.

  • Craft the New Rod

You can also craft a new rod instead of repairing the old one by using three sticks and two strings in a crafting grid. You simply have to move the required items from your inventory to the crafting grid in order to create a recipe. You will then have a brand new fishing rod.

  • Place an Enchantment on Damaged Rod

You can place a Mending enchantment on your fishing rod and it will keep repairing itself while you use it. However, there is a catch to enchanting your rod in order to repair it.

You shouldn’t have a damaged armor or the enchantment will keep repairing your armor instead of the rod. Also, you have to use your fishing rod only for fishing purposes or the enchantment won’t work.

You can also cast an Unbreaking enchantment on the rod to increase its durability. Enchanting your rod with Unbreaking will make it last longer and you can use it to lure a lot of items.

Placing an enchantment costs experience points, which you can earn while killing mobs on your way. So, earn experience and you can enjoy unlimited access to all Enchantments.

How to Enchant a Fishing Rod?

There are some amazing enchantments that you can place on your fishing rod. All of them are valuable and help you a lot on your way forward in the world of Minecraft.

  • Mending

Maximum Level: I

As explained above, Mending repairs your fishing rod automatically and it will then get infinite durability. However, it is not limited to fishing rods. Mending also works on other tools including the armor you are wearing. Hence, if you want to enchant your rod with it, make sure that your armor is undamaged.

Mending can save you from losing your most valuable items in the game in exchange for some experience points. Therefore, having your tools enchanted with Mending and you can keep playing without worrying about breaking your equipment.

  • Luck of the Sea

Maximum Level: III

A fishing rod can be enchanted with Luck of the Sea to increase the chance of getting valuable items while you are fishing and reduce the amount of junk you can collect when fishing. This can change your fate in the game if you know how to use it properly.

There are three different levels of enchantment. With each level, the probability of getting a valuable item increases. At the max level, you can even fish enchanted bows, name tags, enchanted books, enchanted rods, and much more.

  • Unbreaking

Maximum Level: III

Having somewhat the same effect as Mending, Unbreaking increases the life of your tools. This enchantment can be placed on tools other than the fishing rod as well. Enchanting your tools with Unbreaking can increase their durability and they will last longer.

Unbreaking also has three levels and the maximum level will increase the durability of your tool so that you can use it to your best till the job’s done. Enchant your tools with Unbreaking if you want to get the most use out of them.

  • Lure

Maximum Level: III

The lure is an enchantment that can increase the chances of fish biting your bait. In other words, you have to wait for less to catch a fish. It also has three levels like Luck of the Sea. The time of biting decreases by 5 seconds with each level. At the maximum level, you can catch fish much faster and store up the food.

The lure is useful for beginners in Minecraft because the food is scarce in the lower levels and they can use it to increase the food stores at a much faster than normal rate. The lure can be placed on the fishing rod using an anvil, crafting table, or a command.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is fishing really worth it?

Using fishing rods for fishing can bring you food, valuable items and junk. Valuable items are pretty useful. Junk defines the items that are less valuable but still useful for crafting. Whatever you get depends on your luck!

✅ What else are fishing rods used for?

Mobs and other game entities can be hooked using your fishing rod. They decrease the distance between the mob and the player, dismount the mobs and drag items towards the player.

✅ How much durability do rods have?

Rods have a total of 64 units of durability that can be enhanced using enchantments or by merging. Fishing costs one unit per reel, but using a rod for other purposes costs more durability units based on the difficulty of the task.


In a nutshell, fishing rods are pretty useful and can be used to pave way for you in the game. So, you must seriously consider repairing them from time to time by placing enchantments or merging them together.

An enchanted fishing rod will be more useful than a simple one, so make sure that you earn lots of EXP to cast the enchantments on them and get the full benefits on your journey towards success. You can also get them as a valuable item in fishing.

We hope that our article has cleared up any queries you might have about repairing a fishing rod in Minecraft.