Best Surf Spinning Reel for Distance [Top Pick for 2022]

The surf spinning reel has to work excellently, even in the worst of conditions. You should be able to land yourself with a perfect reel that is durable and affordable at the same time. Not many ways of fishing provide an opportunity to explore your skills.

Best Surf Spinning Reel for Distance

Surfing spinning reels for distance is best suited for people who want to experiment more and try new fishing methods. Most of the time, surf anglers have different rods that they use, and surf fishing or spinning requires many skills since it is involved with rocks and strong waves.

About your skills and experience in spinning reels for distance, you might get a suitable product for yourself after going through the buying guide. Moreover, there are reviews of some of the best surf spinning reels for distance.

Quick Overview- Best Surf Spinning Reel for Distance

Best Surf Spinning Reel for Distance Reviews 2022

You must choose the best surf spinning reel so that you will be able to use your skills for the best experience.

Especially if you are trying spinning reels for the first time from a distance, our review will guide you through the features that every product has.

1. Daiwa Bg Spinning Reel

This spinning reel is made of aluminum in terms of its rotor and housing. Since it has a sturdy and strong system, the balance and pull can be adjusted for a greater distance. Moreover, it also consists of a six-ball system.

The ratio of the gear makes it easier to work for surf spinning. Due to its size, it has a bigger space for braided lines.

The retrieval of this surf spinning reel is large and strong, helping in bringing in huge fishes.

This surf spinning reel is straightforward to assemble and maintain as well. Its sturdiness makes it more durable and better for most anglers since they find it easier to use.

If it is taken care of properly, it will last for several years.

Moreover, this surf spinning reel’s design and versatile nature make it favorable to use even for distance.


  • Daiwa is worth the price since it can be used in more than one place. Its performance is at par with the offshore distance spinning.
  • The durability and maintenance are exceptional, and the brand’s service makes it easier to address any issue.


  • Although the reel is very strong, making it easy to use for distance, it is a bit heavy, making it difficult for some to use it.

The system is very sturdy, which will make it easier to keep the force in a better way, especially when the strength is needed more for distance. The durability is more in this product, and people can easily assemble and dissemble.

The surf spinning reel comparatively helps in luring bigger fishes also due to its six-ball system. The design and the versatility of the product make it an ideal option for beginners and experts.

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2. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel,Size 3000

This surfing spinning reel is not only the most durable but also the strongest. It has one of the most potent drag systems that works exceptionally well.

The most striking feature of this product is that the drag system is made of carbon fiber and makes it favorable to use for distance.

The drag system has a power of almost 40 pounds as the stainless steel rotor, and brass gears have great strength to lure in every large fish.

As compared to other surfer spinning reels,  it has a ten-bearing system.

With regard to its price and affordability, the retrieval system is very smooth, along with a proper capacity for surf fishing.

The braided handling and line can be under immense pressure but still work consistently.

This surf spinning reel is used explicitly in saltwater, and despite this, it can be cleaned easily.

While surf fishing, you will be able to protect your rod and line, but at the same time, lure bigger fishes.


  • The inner systems can be protected well with the system’s help, especially since it is best suited for saltwater.


  • Even though this reel is one of the strongest, it has to be adequately maintained to last for a longer time.

The drag system of this product is one of the most potent factors of this product. The carbon fiber in the drag system is the feature that makes it extremely favorable to be used for distance.

Other than that, the retrieval system of this product is also worth mentioning.

The 40 pounds of the drag system makes it a stronger spinning reel, and the handle and line bring can also endure a lot of pressure.

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3. Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Slammer III has a water resistance system which is about IPX6. This becomes extremely helpful, especially in terms of the incoming waves, which might have powerful splashes that can ruin the system in some cases.

Regardless of this feature, the reels should not completely be submerged in saltwater.

However, if it is sealed, it will be able to stay water-resistant. However, it is advised not to submerge it underwater for too long.

Since the spinning reel is comparatively more water-resistant, however, the reels can be completely sealed, but if it is submerged completely, then it might not stay completely waterproof for the most part.

The CNC gear technology makes it high functioning and provides more power to the reels at the same time.

Since the entire system is also waterproof to some extent, the CNC gear becomes more versatile and helps in catching more fish, especially at a distance.


  • The system can be waterproof to some extent.
  • It has a CNC gear technology as well.


  • You will have to get the bail yourself if you get a reel that is bigger than 5500.

The bail can be set up automatically if it is a bit smaller or bigger; however, to avoid setting it up on your own, it would be best for you to stick to these options themselves.

The IPX6 feature is something that is not commonly seen in most reels.

4. Daiwa SSaltist Spinning Reel

This is one of the highest quality surfing reels. It is primarily used to catch monster fish, and since these are mostly away from the shore, it becomes easier to use them, especially for distance.

Moreover, the resistant ball bearings consist of corrosion, and the carbon drag system is waterproof.

Apart from these qualities, it is also regarded as one of the best spinning reels due to its high quality.

The corrosion and the carbon drag system are waterproof, and it catches fishes that are far away, and this is one of the high-quality spinning reels which is considered very durable and affordable at the same time.

Aside from these features, it is also completely water-resistant and does not get damaged if it is submerged in water for quite a long time. It also works well in saltwater and can catch fish at a higher speed than the others.


  • It works well in saltwater.
  • It is made of the highest quality.


  • Due to its corrosion drag system, it might not be favorable to be used almost everywhere, be it on or offshore.

Since this product is well-known for its high quality, the performance is also exceptional.

This is because it does not need much maintenance almost all the time and moreover. This is very favorable for both beginners and experts.

5. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

This spinning reel is completely made of a metal body and rotor. The bail wire is of high quality, and its construction is also quite heavy, which makes it superior to other spinning reels.

Moreover, it has an HT-100 carbon fiber drag system and helps bring up some form of stability and remain sealed against any material. It also consists of a five-ball bearing system.

The braided lines and the heavyweights are more inclined towards higher capacity, making it favorable for distance. It is also considered one of the toughest and most durable models that the brand offers.

The size varies in this model and can be found in 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000,6000.

Most of these sizes have the capacity to bear a lot of weight and line as well. The bearings are also shielded but not sealed.

Hence, this is one of the most striking features that make it convenient to use in saltwater. The setting of those ball bearings also has an anti-reserve, which prevents the slippage of the line.

There are many size variations, and due to that reason, you can find a couple of options with regard to the fish you would want to catch.

However, if you do settle on this product, it will be quite an investment at the same time.

It is one of the most durable products in this specific review. The reason being, the quality is extremely high.

Moreover, it can be used in almost every sort of place, be it off or on-shore. It can work perfectly well even in saltwater, and one of the best features of this spinning reel is that it can catch a variety of different fishes.


  • It has high durability for catching a majority of the large fishes.
  • Moreover, it can also be used in an inshore environment.
  • It is perfect for catching other fishes.


  • This product is relatively expensive.

The only concern regarding this product is that it might be a bit expensive. However, what you should note is that this is one of the most durable and high-functioning spinning reels, and it will be a great investment for you.

No frequent maintenance is required, and you will know what should be done and which parts require more attention to avoid going through any issues.

6. SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reel

This product has a great design along with a number of features that enhance its performance.

It has a smoothness for the anglers, along with durability and strength. Moreover, the machine-cut spools keep the body more compact.

It also has a propulsion line management system that provides casting distances that will avoid the formation of wind knots as well.

Although this product’s weight is very low, it can hold up a lot of fishes and lure in bigger ones as well. Moreover, the anglers are very smooth and are exceptional even in strength and durability.

The body is more compact, and the casting distances help in avoiding any sort of discrepancies as well.

It has a heavy-duty system that helps bring up the strength, especially while pulling the bigger fishes from a certain distance.

Even though it does get difficult at times, its compactness enables you to cast more distances which is one of the topmost features.


  • The weight of this product is comparatively lower.
  • It holds up great for the most of it.


  • Some features are missing in some products since there are minor upgrades in terms of the models.

The brand has many models, but this one is comparatively better than the previous ones, especially because they have small upgrades done to them, which has made a huge difference for spinning at a distance.

Buyer’s Guide

Fishing reels need to perform under high-intensity conditions. Frictional forces, the water, and underwater forces are just some of the obstacles in your path as you use your fishing reel.

So you’re going to need a fishing reel that can really hold up well in these conditions.

best surf fishing reels

What should you keep in mind while choosing the right fishing reel?

  • Get the right reel for the right task

You might not always need a very lengthy reel. When it comes to fishing equipment, you’ll probably come across a whole host of options.

However, you’re not really going to need most of those options. Make decisions based on the location and the size of the fish you’re catching.

Certain fishing expeditions may require a very long reel. However, others may not. It’s all about choosing the right equipment for the task.

Go through the different options and choose the reel you need based on what kind of fishing you’re doing.

  • Choose better drag over extra distance

You don’t really need to be very experienced with the long reel. Even at around 300 feet, you’ll find plenty of fish to catch.

Almost all the fishing reels you find can be cast out to 300 feet quite easily. You just need the ideal fishing rod and some good technique.

Don’t just choose the extra lengthy fishing reel because it boasts more yards. It’s a better choice if you pick a more normal spool that has a really good drag.

This would be more efficient than just spending on length. Drag from carbon fiber is always better than the drag from felt.

  • Choose durability over extra yards

There’s nothing worse than a reel break in the middle of an exciting fish hunt.

Spools can fly off, and handles can break; there are so many things that can go wrong while fishing. It’s about trying to minimize these kinds of damages.

These types of risks increase when you try to skimp on your fish reel. Just because you saw some fish reel that was on discount doesn’t mean it’s great.

Spend some money on a good, durable fish reel. For a decent amount, you get good drag from carbon fiber and good bearings.

  • Don’t overbuy fishing reel

Fishing reel

This is a suggestion based on observations we’ve been making for a while now. Most fish don’t actually give you a hundred-yard run.

So if you choose a 100 or 150 as your casting reel, then in most cases, you’re going to have too much reel.

It’s better to have the right amount of reel with you rather than a whole messy tangle of wire that is just going to confuse you and trip you up.

Fishing rigs are not as simple as sinkers in aerodynamics. Even the professional fishermen usually only use about one-third or half of a casting.

A few questions to ask yourself before buying a fishing reel

1. What type of fish are you going to catch?

It’s important to know what kind of fish you are looking to catch, as the fish’s size is extremely crucial to the size of the fishing reel you choose.

Once you know the size of the fish you are looking to catch, you are better suited to choosing the right size fishing line.

2. What kind of fishing environment will you be in?

You need to decide what type of fishing environment you’ll be in. For example, if you’re going to be spending most of the time in saltwater, then the reel must be watertight.

This prevents corrosion in the bearings, giving you a much longer-lasting fishing reel.

3. How skilled are you at fishing?

It would help if you also were very honest with yourself about how good you actually are. This has a knock-on effect on what type of fishing reel you’ll be choosing.

Whether you will be using a spinning reel or a conventional one will depend completely on your skill level.

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4. How much are you willing to spend?

Decide your budget beforehand as well. Once you’ve got answers to the other questions, you’ll be able to decide what kind of fishing reel you will be needing.

Once you have that in mind, then decide your budget. You’ll find reels at all kinds of prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What size reel will I need for surf fishing?

This usually depends on your personal comfort levels, but on average, a size of 3000 or 4000 for spinning reels should do the trick for you.

✅ What makes a fishing reel good?

There are a few factors that are considered when judging whether a reel is good or not. The quality and durability of the main housing, how watertight it is, and the total number of bearings. The bearings are what give the reel extra strength.

✅ How far do I cast when I’m surf fishing?

The perfect rod for surf fishing should be around 12 to 15 feet long. Use a saltwater spinning reel of larger size along with a 25-pound test line. If you use these in combination, you will be able to get around 100 yards in the distance.

In Conclusion

Fishing reels are probably the most important thing you need whenever you’re out on one of your fishing expeditions.

It’s important to choose the right kind of fishing reel, as it could have a direct effect on the outcome of your fishing trip.

We’ve reviewed some of the very best fishing reels that are available in the market. These are the very best fishing reels for distance. You are sure to get a very good reach with any of these fishing reels that we’ve listed.

Keep some of the important things in mind. When you choose, you’ll come across all sorts of options that may or may not tempt you.

Always keep the goal in mind. Remember the conditions you’ll be using the reel in as you pick. This will help you choose the right one.

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